Data Scientists for your Digital Transformation

Turn customer data into intelligent

Only 39% of retailers ranked ‘Ability to turn customer data into intelligent and actionable insight’ one of their greatest challenges


Trust and branding

When it comes to trust and branding, 65% of shoppers are wary of having their personal information hacked using their mobile/smartphone.


Average cart abandonment

The average cart abandonment rate is 68%. Data science can find the insights on why and how you can reduce it.


Our Services

  • 1
    Data Analytics

    Better answers start with better questions – What is our digital conversion rate? Why did we lose a client? What does our clientele need from us? Allow our Data Science & Data Analytics experts create your path.

  • 2
    Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Applying AI in key areas of your business allows for greater insights to customer behavior and needs, providing you the intelligence to deliver memorable customer experiences and retention.

  • 3
    Digital Transformation

    It’s here and it’s real… Important – Adopting and Adapting to a digital transformation path allows your business to retain relevancy in a fast-moving digital world. Don’t be left out. You must adapt your business to drive meaningful and profitable customer loyalty.

Why TecLake

Our customer focus sets us aside from other technology companies. We strive to learn and understand your needs and the needs of your customers. We believe our focus on you and your customer(s) allows for a more meaningful partnership; We have a vested interest in your success. Understanding your customer needs, desires and feedback allows you significant profitable growth opportunity. TecLake can deliver the strategy and tools needed to learn and eventually predict client behavior.

Whether you have existing platforms, systems and applications or beginning to dive into a digital transformation initiative, let TecLake help you along. Our assessment process and collaboration with you determines the platform, system(s) and applications (if needed) to guide us down a path yielding measurable results and meaningful return.


● Increase revenues through effective targeted marketing campaigns

● Understand customer digital behavior and habits

● Create personalization engines

● Build attribution models


● Client data management automation

● Refine retargeting campaign predictions

● Create recommendation engine - drive digital brand exposure and relevance

Our Mission


Our mission is to bring the power of AI to every business

We are a professional services firm delivering AI-powered software and technical solutions to companies who want to leverage data and machine learning algorithms for business value.

Focusing on predictive analytics, natural language processing, and computer vision, we help businesses innovate with AI, enrich customer insights, automate processes & be more cost-efficient. This is ensured by our proprietary technologies, exceptional customer care, constant investment into talent development and R&D.


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